Stanford Swim Coach Lies To Student Paper About Deleting Swimmers Records

EVEN STANFORD COACHES CAN LIE AND GET AWAY WITH IT: The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reported today that longtime Stanford swimming coach Skip Kenney admitted to erasing the records of five Cardinal swimmers in the team media guide after he fell out with those student-athletes.

Skip Kenney Liar

However, the STANFORD DAILY reports that in an interview with the student paper on Thursday, “Kenney denied any bad blood with former swimmers and maintained that the omission was an honest mistake. By the afternoon, however, the coach had changed his tone, and the University released a statement by Kenney in which the coach apologized for ‘a serious mistake in judgment on [his] part.’

Q: What punishment does Kenney get for deliberately erasing records of Stanford swimmers because he didn’t like them?

A: He gets to coach the Cardinal at the National Championships next week.

After he found out about the Chronicle piece, Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby promised “appropriate corrective and punitive steps against Kenney” after next week’s NCAA Championships in Minneapolis.

AFTER the NCAA Championships? The AD’s toothless actions tell us that even the tea-and-crumpet Stanford set now put winning above doing what’s right (punishing coaches who treat athletes inappropriately and then lie about it).