Stanford Ruins Women’s Tourney For Us Yet Again

As Brooks enjoys the sights & sounds of San Antonio (Hubert Davis! Wimp Sanderson!), the sisters were doin’ it for themselves down in Tampa Bay on Sunday, as the women’s NCAA basketball championship is now set.

Tennessee LSU Stanford UConn Womens Final Four

Tennessee escaped against LSU with a last-second shot, while Stanford stymied Connecticut to advance to the title game. And once again, the Cardinal have corrupted the potentially higher entertainment value of the ladies’ tourney.

Those with even a casual interest of women’s college hoops knows that UT coach Pat Summitt and Huskies honcho Geno Auriemma aren’t exactly the best of friends. The relationship can be best summed up Geno’s reaction as to why Pat took UConn off her regular season schedule:

She hates my guts.”

Relations became even frostier last month when the NCAA investigated a UConn-arranged visit to the ESPN studios for a high school recruit, and the school was found to have committed “secondary violations.” And who reported the troublesome trip? Yep, Tennessee.

But thanks to Stanford’s win, we won’t be treated to a UConn-Tennessee title tilt - and all the tension & pseudo-politeness between Pat & Geno. We would have loved to see how the post-game handshake would have went.

And it’s not the first time in this tourney the team from Palo Alto had ruined our fun. The Cardinal girls sent UTEP packing in a 2nd round victory - which nixed any continuing coverage of Miners bench star & Bolivian bikini beauty Claudia Porras.

Claudia Porras UTEP basketball model

Well, we’re glad your men’s team is now short a pair of Lopezes. So there.

As for the Husky women - actually, they’re all in pretty good shape - at least they can take pride in getting Geno this year’s AP Coach of the Year award. But he probably would have traded it for two more days in Florida - meaning two less days in Storrs in April.