Stacey Dales Quits Job At ESPN Over Flying Coach

Mel Bracht of the DAILY OKLAHOMAN reports today that ESPN sideline reporter Stacey Dales had quit the network because she “was unhappy with flying coach while many of her colleagues were flying first class.” (DEADSPIN first broke the news - and wasn’t credited by the Oklahoman.)

Stacey Dales

Dales had been with the network since 2002. She told Bracht, “At some point, you have to take a stand at whatever you are doing in life That’s not sounding like a feminist. That’s not sounding like a spoiled, rotten kid. That’s making a business decision that affects the quality of your life. That was an important thing for me.

So is Dales implying that she’s being forced to fly coach because she’s a woman?

If that’s the case, why doesn’t she file a lawsuit against ESPN? Otherwise, she might’ve just committed career suicide. It’s one thing to quit a plum gig while at the apex of your career. It’s another to do so for what seems like a petty reason. And have it come out in public.

Stacey Dales

If you were hiring for sports broadcasting gigs, knowing what you know about the apparent reason for her departure at ESPN, would you be in a big hurry to hire Dales?

Obviously not.

Stacy Dales

(OK, maybe it isn’t that great a gig)

But if ESPN is truly discriminating against her because she’s a woman, Dales needs to come out and say it, and file a lawsuit. Otherwise she sounds like a petty narcissist who no self-respecting sports broadcast organization will want to hire in the future. Save one of the local yokel Okie sports outlets. (Dales played hoops at OU.)

Hope they have first class on Greyhound, Stace!