Stabler Can’t Slither Out of DUI; Peter Plows Plenty

Jerry Buss would have come to Boston, but he had a really good hand.

Kenny Stabler tried to slither his way out of a DUI arrest.

Ken Stabler then and now

(The Snake - then & now)

Jason Peter is too much man for one Manhattan brothel.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has trouble getting into the Garden.

Michael Strahan says he’s sailing off into the sunset. Sure he is.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter gallops off to the Olympics.

• A Florida State baseball fan suffers a case of Bartman-itis.

Cedric Benson claims he “aced” his most recent sobriety test. Now let’s see how well he aces the waiver wire.

• A bench-clearing brawl means more cheap beer for baseball fans.

• A Chinese Olympic hurdler has a good run selling Amway stuff.

• The Lakers were in a very foul mood Sunday night.