Buy Me Some Peanuts & Crackerjack - And I’ll Die!

Summer’s coming up fast - schools are ending, vacations are beginning, and many more people will be heading out to the ballpark. Should be fun!

Unless you have peanut allergies. For in that case, being taken out the ol’ ball game could mean being taken out - permanently.


(Good grief - more peanuts!)

But baseball fans in St. Louis who suffer from such symptoms will no longer have to sweat it out in the stands, as a couple of area stadiums are establishing peanut-free zones.

KSDK-TV cracks open news that the St. Louis Cardinals & the minor league River City Rascals will offer seating sections where peanuts are prohibited. The Rascals have already designated section 109 at T.R. Hughes Ballpark as peanut-free - but only on Wednesdays.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are even more cautious about a permanent peanut-free area. The noble experiment will only be tried once this season - on July 21st - where section 328 will be without nuts.

huge Cardinals tattoo

Unless any of these folks show up.

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