Spygate Central Figure Enjoys Golf, Bobsledding

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS caught up with Matt Walsh, the Patriots video guy who could, oh, bring a dynasty down. You’ll recall he works as a golf pro in Hawaii, site of today’s Pro Bowl. He looks like a really aggressive kind of guy. He means business. Yes?

Matt Walsh

OK, well, he probably knows a lot at least.

The AP interview was a bunch of short answers and sly grins. It’s a good piece, though, and worth your while

Belichick handed over six tapes and accompanying notes, which the team said was all the material it had gathered. Then came a report that the Patriots videotaped the Rams’ walkthrough before the 2002 Super Bowl, and that Walsh was involved in that taping.

“‘We were aware of this before,’ Goodell said. ‘We pursued it and weren’t able to get any information that was credible. We were aware of some of the rumors and we pursued some of them and we continue that. From Day 1, I said if we feel there is new information that’s inconsistent with what we’ve been told (by the Patriots), I reserve the right to reopen it.’ Does Walsh expect that to happen? A smile, and silence. Is he amused by all the questions being raised, or all the phone calls by the media trying to track him down? ‘Don’t think I can comment on that,’ he said.”

Sadly, there was no in-depth probing of Walsh’s experiences with the U.S. Bobsledding Team. That’s the meat of the story in my book. Also: He was part of two Super Bowl teams but only got one ring. That’s the kind of cheapness that could come back to haunt a franchise.