Sprinter’s Workouts Outdraw The Florida Marlins?

The amazing thing about Belgian bodybuilding champ Sarah De Herdt — besides the fact that she has pulled off the rare track & field-slash-bodybuilder-slash-porn star trifecta — is that she publicizes her workouts, and evidently attracts quite a crowd. In fact, the next one is expected to draw in excess of 20,000 people.

Sarah Deherdt

I had heard of De Herdt the bodybuilder, but had no idea that she was also a successful sprinter, and in her spare time enjoyed filming porn. The folks over at DON CHAVEZ.COM got hold of some pictures and, well, let’s just say that you don’t want to view them while you’re at work. Unless you work on a pirate ship.

More photos following the jump.

But seriously, who else can pull off the track/bodybuilding/porn combo? Certainly not me. And believe me, I’ve tried.

From the Sarah De Herdt fan site:

Sarah De Herdt is a ripped sprinter, body-builder, and all around fitness babe known as Ms. Bodybuilding Belgium. Sarah enjoys showing off her beautiful body and has done several nude photoshoots and at least one explicit adult movie referred to on the ‘net as Belgian Athlete Pool Sex.

Sarah is a Belgian from Brussels. She won Belgium Nabba fitness in 2002 and 2003. She also did well in the 2004 championship open IFBB. In Belgian Championships in Athletics, 2006, she was a finalist in bodyfiness (”body finesse”) and took 6th in the final 200 meters.

Future plans may include another work-out training in an opening ground for 20,000 people.

So if I’m reading that correctly, her training workouts draw more fans than a typical Florida Marlins game (18,770 fans per home game this season). De Herdt practices also outdrew the Pirates (19,479) and the Athletics (17,392).

The photos get a lot raunchier here (NSFW).