Springtime For Rodriguez? Probably Not This Year

There’s some ominous signs coming out of Ann Arbor that maybe hiring Rich Rodriguez wasn’t such a great idea. First, three high-profile Michigan players left the team, including freshman QB Ryan Mallett. Now, the Wolverines may miss out on having a spring game this year.

Michigan players Ryan Mallett running

(Ryan Mallett [#15] leading a group of Wolverines to freedom during an escape attempt at Michigan Stadium.)

The DETROIT NEWS reports that due to construction at Michigan Stadium, the Wolverines won’t be able to hold their intrasquad contest on campus. AD Bruce Madej says they may try to hold the game at Ford Field or some other venue - or possibly not have a game at all.

Michigan could always try the Pontiac Silverdome, but they better hurry.

The suburban stadium hasn’t hosted any football fun since the Lions left in 2002. (And it was hardly any fun when Barry Sanders wasn’t playing.) But a local lawyer wants to transform the facility into an indoor thoroughbred racetrack & casino. He even has a neat-o name all picked out: The Silver Stallion Racino.

So the Wolverines better act fast on Pontiac, unless they don’t mind getting their cleats clogged with horse poop.

Meanwhile, the stadium work also affects Michigan’s commencement ceremonies. So, graduation will have to be held down the road at Eastern Michigan University in beautiful Ypsilanti. Lucky kids.

Mini-Me At Michigan Football Spring Game

But there’s an even greater concern if the spring game is cancelled: No game, no Mini-Me!