Springsteen Not Paid For Super Bowl Performance

Yesterday I told you what Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl setlist was going to be, and that the Steelers would win a close one over the Cardinals.

Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl performance

(Springsteen at Super Bowl was free, but upcoming stadium shows? Not-so-much)

Now I’ve learned that the stunning performance by Springsteen at the Big Bowl came on the cheap. Make that very cheap.

It turns out Springsteen didn’t charge the NFL one dime for his performance, though the NFL did cover his expenses. How charitable of them!

I suppose you could make a case for Springsteen not getting paid, considering the NFL handing him the biggest stage this side of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Not to mention that - in a complete coincidence - tickets went on sale for Springsteen’s two Meadowlands stadium shows this morning, and appear to be selling briskly.