Spring Fake: Booze Law Canceled For Super Bowl

Jose Lambiet of the PALM BEACH POST has good news for those of you boozing for The Bowl in Lauderdale this week:

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In a stunning policy reversal, the city of Fort Lauderdale will no longer enforce its cast-in-stone 13-year-old ban on open liquor containers along the beach.

Until after the Super Bowl!

Ft. Lauderdale is where the NFL’s base of operations is for the Super Bowl, along with the media.

I lived in South Beach for over a year and can attest that because of logistics, that’s probably not such a bad idea.

But when it comes to partying, Lauderdale pales. Thus the lift on the booze ban.

But starting today, boys and girls are allowed once again to walk along the beachside strip of hotels and restaurants with beer, wine and hard liquor. For as long as it’s in a plastic cup. And not on the sand.

The lifting of the liquor regulation affects a two-mile area that’ll be one of Super Bowl week’s hotspots. It starts at the Indianapolis Colts’ hotel, the Marriott Harbor Beach, and stretches north to Sunrise Boulevard.

Strip Club Photo

(Sorry big bruh, scrip clubs don’t apply)

The ban returns on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

“The hotel community along the beach lobbied hard for this,” said Tom Roth, a marketing honcho at The Atlantic Hotel. The business stands to benefit from the temporary pass, along with the W and Westin hotels. Thousands of fans are expected to bed down there.

Roth says he hopes for a Bourbon Street atmosphere on the days leading to the Feb. 7 Super Bowl at Dolphins Stadium.

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Wait, so we’re also talking hookers out the window and enough vomit to necessitate going out in galoshes? Careful what you wish for on that one.