Sprightly Drum Major Leads Stanford Over Oregon

Stanford drum major

Not only did Jim Harbaugh’s squad give everything they had in a 51-42 upset of Oregon, but the Stanford Band’s buxom, fake lady drum major gave his full measure of devotion as well. Was Hooters missing a waitress on Saturday afternoon, or was Heaven missing a rather hairy angel?

It was kind of disappointing to see some empty seats in Palo Alto for the game … and the crowd was at least one-third Oregon fans. But my, what a donnybrook. And Stanford’s Owen Marecic can tell his grandkids he played both ways (fullback, linebacker) in a 93-point shootout. Ducks fans: Crushed. Pac-10 race: A shambles. Stanford: Bowl eligible, for the first time in six years.

The party continues in Harbaugh’s bathroom all night!

(With Stanford’s 505, that’s 1,075 yards total offense combined, folks)