Sportswriter Gets His Pimpin’ On, Fails Miserably

Kevin Provencher is a sportswriter for the NEW HAMPSHIRE UNION LEADER. More importantly, he’s 50 years old. Perhaps we can’t fault him for having a mid-life crisis, one in which he needs to feel a thrill, just so he knows he can still feel.

Kevin Provencher pimpin aint easy

(Provencher, who we are obligated to mention is innocent until proven guilty.)

Either that or he’s just so committed to the tenets of capitalism that hes willing to sell anything, the law be damned. Either way, if recent allegations are true, Provencher’s in trouble for the most unusual crime of pimping. Hey, nobody said it’d be easy.

The Union Leader has the somber news about one of its own:

A veteran New Hampshire Union Leader sportswriter faces two felony charges of deriving income from prostitution.

Provencher, shown below at a court hearing this morning, waived arraignment in Manchester District Court. He was escorted to Massachusetts where he will face the felony charges, which were filed by Andover police.

“Two counts” is the killer here; in all likelihood, the Andover police stung him multiple times to strengthen their case against him and to eliminate the “one-time mistake in judgment” defense.

So, how did he do it?

Massachusetts police said about five women worked for Provencher and two of them will be witnesses. Provencher allegedly recruited the women on Craigslist and arranged for them to meet him at a Manchester hotel, wearing specified clothing, where he would “audition” them.

Police said he used the Marriott, Spring Hill Suites and Fairfield Inn for the operation until one prostitute complained about the long drive from Quincy to Manchester. Provencher then allegedly moved his operation to Andover, Mass.

Making the case even weirder is the fact that Provencher was hardly a stiff in the sportswriting world; he was a four-time New Hampshire Sportswriter of the Year and had been at the Union Leader for 25 years. It doesn’t seem like he’d have been in the financial straits that would necessitate pimping for cash.

But if you’re like us, you’re mainly left to wonder how in the world New Hampshire has prostitutes. Do they truck them in from Brooklyn and Queens? Maybe Boston? It just all seems so… un-New Hampshire.