SbB’S BULLET JOINT: This week’s ESPN Sportscenter anniversary show is brought to you by episode 30,000. The highlight of the evening, as pointed out by TheBigLead, will be Steve Levy’s Freudian slip.

• In a shocking coincidence, the KANSAS CITY STAR reports that the Kansas City Chiefs, less than two months after Lamar Hunt’s death, have decided to sell the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium.

Arrowhead Stadium to selling naming rights

I have a sinking feeling that Chiefs fans, like me, will soon find out just how much Team President (and resident bloodsucker) Carl Peterson loves his hot wings.

• SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports American Laser Centers and the Pistons have launched the “Motor City’s Hairiest Back contest“.

Michigan residents can submit photos which are judged by visitors to the Pistons website. The champion wins laser hair removal, which reportedly is a $4,000 value. And here’s your consolation prize.

• Michael Rand reveals “Golden State’s Stephen Jackson testified Monday that in order to break up a brawl outside a strip club in October, he thought the best thing to do was fire his gun.

• AOL blogger Michael David Smith reports Tiki Barber has decided to embrace a nebulous role on NBC’s Today Show. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports he’ll also stalk the sidelines for the net’s Sunday Night Football broadcast.

• Florida Women’s Hoops Coach Carolyn Peck today: “For me, the game is not just about the wins and losses. It’s about the development of the players, and I have seen some great improvements from the young women I have coached.

Take a wild guess what she was talking about.

• Yahoo Sports has the startling revelation that Vince Young has been traded to the San Diego Chargers:

Yahoo Sports Trades Vince Young To San Diego Chargers

• Dan Bickley of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC writes about Amare Stoudemire’s “mentor foundation”, which the Phoenix Sun is now promoting across the country.

Stoudemire on the campaign: “One of my pet peeves is education. It goes back to the days of slavery, when Black people weren’t allowed to read or to educate themselves. Now, we have all these opportunities, and we’re still not educating ourselves.