Sports Network Looking For Laughs In New Show

THE BOSTON HERALD laughs at news of the local sports cable channel trying their hand at humor.

Red Sox Dice K laugh

(Dice K’s yuking it up already)

“NESN Comedy All-Stars” is hoping hilarity will ensue for Boston fans this summer. The program will feature no-name local comedians doing sports-themed stand-up routines, taped in front of a live audience (tickets still available!), along with other pre-recorded skits & segments.

What kind of comedy can viewers expect?

According to producers, the show will supposedly “poke fun at all aspects of sports culture, from fanatical fans to husband-wife spats over sports television.”

We’re guffawing already. Who wouldn’t enjoy the trials & tribulations between a man and his better half over what to watch on the tube? They can just rip off old Lockhorns strips.

Jonathan Papelbon kilt Red Sox celebration

However, each episode should…nay, must begin and end with the Jonathan Papelbon Dancers.

The laugh riot will be a co-production between NESN and New Wave Entertainment, the company responsible for “Last Comic Standing” and “FrankTV.”

If Mr. Caliendo shows up with his Sir Charles simulation, there may be hope yet.