Sports, Comedy, Versus - What Could Go Wrong?

The channel that brings you hockey, rodeo, and Ted Nugent is about to bring you a brand new show that you can’t find in your cable guide. E! figures that The Soup is so popular with people who watch E! that surely a sports version of the show will be a smash hit - except they don’t want to put something so “manly” on E! This is a network anchored by Ryan Seacrest, after all.


Versus will debut a show called Sports Soup in mid-October. It will run twice a week and be hosted by some guy named Matt Iseman. And, given his canned press release quote about the show, it appears as if Iseman might be facing an uphill battle with sports fans (most of whom don’t watch E!, just in case you hadn’t noticed that, E!).


“This will be the Chad Johnson of sports shows - a little obnoxious, usually hilarious and so fascinating that you just won’t be able to take your eyes off it because you have to see what happens next,” said Iseman in a statement. “Imagine having a friend that can watch hundreds of channels, 24 hours a day and then pull the best and worst moments to share with you. Sports Soup on Versus will be that friend, but we won’t drink all your beer.”

So, it’s an outlet that picks out a sampling of a bunch of sports stories every day and aggregates them in one place so people don’t have to sift through all the news themselves? Where have I heard of this concept before?

Attempts to give Versus a “signature” show have all failed (didn’t Dennis Miller have some show on there?), and Sports Soup is the latest attempt to give non-Brian Engblom fans reason to turn to the station. But E! is obviously hedging its bet by putting the show on a channel most people only get on a digital tier, if they get it at all. If the show tanks, it’s because it airs on such a small channel.

JOSSIP wonders if the format will translate well to sports:

Not to say that sports fans don’t have a sense of humor about their poison (one needs only to look at the commercials during Super Bowl, generally the funniest and most creative of the year), but will laid-back hipster snark work as well for say, a Brett Favre press conference as it does when sniping at the newest episode of I Love Money

I wonder if I’m going to have to sit through cross-promoting “news” about the Kardashians and multiple cameos from Constantine Maroulis.

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