Sports Cereal: A Spoonful Of Weird In Every Bite

I’m on west coast time, so it’s only now time to sit down for breakfast. Let’s see, which will it be this morning? “Houston’s Triple Play” (fortified with eight different kinds of Fail), or “Derek Jeter’s” (real bits of Derek Jeter in every spoonful!)? Hey Dara, where’s the milk?

With the unsettling news that Terrell Owens has released his own brand of cereal recently (You’ll OD on Deliciousness!), we decided to look back at some other dubious breakfast choices for your kids. And hey, adults like them too! The big surprise is that all of these have been approved by the FDA.

(Frank Beamer is at the breakfast table eating this in the nude as you read this)

(I think you know my policy about eating cereal with the word “Moss” in the title)

(The cereal that will make you want to retire)

(OK, I may have tampered with this one)

(Hmm, what’s Neil Rackers doing running with the ball in the open field? This can’t be good)

(Not sports related, but WTF?)

(1998 Angler of the Year Danny Brauer? Mm, I smell trout)