Sports Blogs Naming Themselves After ESPN Personalities

ANOTHER BLOG NAME BAGS ON THE BOYS FROM BRISTOL: Following in the footsteps of Kissing Suzy Kolber, Hugging Harold Reynolds and Scott Van Pelt Style, another sports blog has arisen with reference to an ESPN personality: The Lazy Eye of Stuart Scott:

stuart scott

Sure, anyone can come up with “Fire(yourcoachhere).com” and make a tidy profit off of angry boosters, but it takes a little ingenuity to come up with a blog name that riffs on the well-known employees of the Worldwide Leader.

Many bloggers are finding humor in the network that at times can take itself too seriously. Yeah, you can try to be cool and hip with your “Poetry Jams” and your “Around the Horn” gabfests and your “Who’s Now” debacles - but most viewers tuning in just want to see sports highlights.

It’s nice have a little personality while reading scores from NBA preseason games, but shticks like Scott’s and Chris Berman’s can get tiresome after the 5,000th “Booyah!” and “Back back back back back!”

Suzy Kolber Harold Reynolds

Blog names like the ones above are both a tribute and a snicker to the goings on in Bristol. Yes, millions still watch ESPN every night, but that doesn’t mean it’s above ridicule.