Who You Can Thank For The Juicy Canseco News

The top story in the sports world so far this week is the leak of Jose Canseco’s new book “Vindicated.” The book wasn’t due out until next Monday, but a gent named Joe Lavin stumbled upon a copy and blogged about it. Will Leitch of DEADSPIN linked Mr. Lavin’s review of the book, and all hell broke loose. Every major media outlet is now reporting the news (or will be).

Jose Canseco Vindicated Excerpt

An interesting question to ponder: Would Mr. Lavin’s revelations ever have made the main media without Deadspin’s help? We think we both know the answer to that.

Can you imagine Lavin trying to get his book review - before a link to Deadspin - to be taken seriously by a main media outlet? We’ve worked in plenty of those MSM cubicles, and can tell you there’s no way in hell Lavin’s revelations ever would’ve seen the light of day UNLESS he had physically taken the book to a newspaper/radio/TV’s place of business. And then, of course, Lavin would’ve been given little to no credit.

After Deadspin linked Lavin, NEWSDAY soon picked up the story and asked Rodriguez for comment on Canseco’s allegations in the book (he had none). Again, think ARod would’ve been asked anything if Leitch hadn’t linked Lavin’s piece?

At some point, it’ll no longer be ironic that sites like Deadspin are now, in some cases, leading the folks in the sports media around by their nose. The same sports media that has tried to ignore and excoriate sports bloggers the past decade.