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• The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS gets some lessons from Deadspin & The Big Lead on diving into the world of sports blogging.

• RMN also reports Carmelo Anthony no longer has the most expensive house in Denver - thanks to the guy who invented Hot Pockets:

Carmelo Hot Pockets

• Are the Bengals looking for another QB?: LARRY BROWN SPORTS has the details of Drew Brees going to jail - but for a good cause.

• It’s not easy being green: GRIST lists their 15 most earth-friendly athletes & sports teams:

Yao Ming recycle

• SIGNAL TO NOISE trims the fat of Shaq’s new reality show where he helps obese kids lose weight.

• Like much of America, LOSER WITH SOCKS is not thrilled so far by this year’s NBA Finals:

NBA Finals asleep

• STEROID NATION has the sad story of a high school track star who died of an overdose from muscle cream.

• The KANE COUNTY CHRONICLE opines on Ozzie Guillen doing two jobs - manager of the White Sox and liaison between the U.S. and Venezuela.