Sports Blog Show Brings Vast Internet Audience To Major Cable Network

MINDFUL CABLE NET CATCHES BIG SPORTS BLOG AUDIENCE: Like Ricky Bell strafing the Wash. State defense in 1976, blogging is making huge gains in the cultural mainstream.

Blogger Reports

More and more, people who actually enjoy something other than artificial light are getting their news and sports first from blogs. And if you haven’t figured that out yet, then enjoy the myspace account you probably just set up (your friends have all left for facebook).


One more indication of the blog fog enveloping us all is the sports-based “Blog Show” which began airing on Comcast cable last Friday (the show beams into millions of homes on the East Coast).

AOL’s Jamie Mottram and the WASHINGTON POST’s Dan Steinberg host the show and give viewers a primer on what sports blogs are worth reading - and how they are wrecking affecting the main sports media.

Washington Post Blog Show Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

And I’m proud to say, the SbB bit on Billy Packer’s wine-stained dome was a featured piece on the show.

Washington Post Blog Show Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

The quality of such shows are irrelevant at the moment. More important is that a major cable network damn well understands the gigantic audience that prominent sports bloggers command.

Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

Only advice to Mottram and Steinberg: A mini-bottle stash on the set (in strategically-located Mike Vick water bottle compartment) comes in handy when YouTube drops a load.