Sports Babes TV Dot Com Launches

SPORTS BABES SERVE UP STAR JONES-LESS VIEW: We try to be open minded about this stuff, and as much as we’d initially dismiss the latest attempt at integrating women’s voices into the daily sports-talk chatter, the fivesome associated with the new site is one that we’ve a strange attraction to since it launched on Valentine’s Day.

L.A.-based SmashTube Productions has created a template of “The View” meets Fox’s “NFL Sunday,” and that’s the part we’re going to have to get over at first. We can’t figure out which one is Rosie, which is Barbara, which is the hot wife of the NFL player.

The high-matience lineup here, from left to right: Marisol (a hot Latina who needs to show she’s got more than just an attitude); Lauren (the raspy voiced party girl most likely to get naked); Vicki (the kinda harsh older blonde, veteran broadcaster who digs NASCAR and probably chain smoked at one time); Kerriann (the Philly native, girl-next-door facade who’s most likely to throw punches); and MarieSam (a Filipino USC grad who’d go Star Jones on anyone).

If your ears can adjust to the higher-pitched banter, consider the cogent points made in their chat about what’s behind Tiger Woods skipping out on the PGA’s L.A. stop this weekend:

Sports Babes TV

If they were on a local sports-talk radio show, the test would be a) could they carry this past the five-minute video spots that currently are on the site, and b) could callers stump/fluster them by pointing out holes in their arguments.

We’re definitely willing to give it a try.