Sporting News Host Reports Tommy Lasorda Probably Did Use Prostitution Service

SPORTING NEWS HOST - LASORDA PROBABLY PAID FOR SEX: Dave Smith of SPORTING NEWS radio said today that it appears Tommy Lasorda indeed utilized the services of “Secrets of a Hollywood SuperMadam” author Jody “Babydol” Gibson.

Tommy Lasorda prostitute photo

Smith: “You would have to think he did (use a prostitute supplied by Gibson). Did you read the LOS ANGELES TIMES this morning? Now he says he isn’t going to sue (after Lasorda initially indicated he would sue if the book was published) … bingo.

When it hits the fan, you would have to think, if Tommy were involved, you think this is the only time? Like the other side (in a court proceeding) isn’t going to dig up everything you’ve every done in your life right in front of your family? He needs to stop bringing it up and let it blow over.

Isn’t it interesting that no one sued Jose Canseco (over his book “Juiced”, which accused MLB players like Mark McGwire of using steroids)? Nobody’s going to sue Babydol either.

Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Gary Busey, movie producer Robert Evans and NBA player Robert Horry are also accused of using prostitutes in the book.

Mark Wahlberg Ben Affleck Robert Horry used prostitutes

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that Affleck’s attorney Ken Sunshine is also threatening to file a lawsuit against Gibson. Right, sure he is.