Sponsor CEO Wanted PGA Tour Player Exemption!

John Daly is on the waiting list for a sponsor’s exemption into the field for the PGA Tour Turning Stone Resort Championship this week in Verona, New York.

Ray Halbritter

(”Qualify” for his own exemption into field? C’mon son)

Why is he out in the cold? Because the top executive of the title sponsor of the tournament, Turning Stone Resort CEO Ray Halbritter, had previously given himself a “sponsor exemption” into the tournament field normally reserved for legitimate PGA Tour players.

After somehow being blindsided by the obligatory criticism, the 60-year-old Halbritter, who claims a handicap of 2, backed down today. From a statement by Halbritter:

My intention in qualifying to be eligible to play in our Turning Stone Resort Championship was to participate in a competitive opportunity which any golfer would enjoy.

In addition, given the responsibilities of my position as I mentioned in some interviews on the exemption issue, I wanted to use the platform afforded by our event to show the public, particularly American Indian youth, what can be accomplished by someone with a challenging background who puts his mind and heart into it.

There was no “qualifying” to be eligible for the tournament. Halbritter gifted one of the standard four PGA Tour tournament exemptions to himself.

Is that really the example Halbritter wanted to set for American Indian Youth?