Spitz Says That Phelps Wouldn’t Have Beaten Him

Mark Spitz didn’t get an invite to the Beijing Olympics despite being VERY FAMOUS. So, in those moments when he wasn’t high-fiving himself for being really, really awesome, Spitz did what any of us would’ve done: he went to New York City to pimp a Hyatt Resorts vacation package.

Mark Spitz

While there, Spitz, who won seven gold medals in ‘72, had some interesting thoughts on Michael Phelps, proud owner of eight gold medals courtesy of the Beijing games. And by “interesting” I mean “backhanded compliments that make me feel better about my quickly fading relevance,” of course.

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Spitz reports that there’s only one man who Phelps can’t beat. Coincidentally, his name is Mark Spitz, too. Weird.

Spitz hedges his bets, however; for as much confidence as he has in his abilities, he doesn’t guarantee utter domination. Also weird.

“I think that the relationship between people that are great is they have a common thread of knowing how to beat their competitors and they know how to constantly be in shape and in top form,” Spitz told the Daily News.

“If that’s the case, I’d know everything about how to beat Michael,” he said. “He’d also know everything to beat me. We’d have to tie.”

A tie? Really? BORING. To be fair, Spitz was gracious in his comments, and even predicted Phelps could win nine gold medals in London in 2012 if he adds the 200m backstroke to his repertoire.

And then Spitz offered everybody in the room a great deal on a vacation package to Belize.

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