Spike Lee Pregame Monday Night Football Promo From New Orleans

SHORTY’S SHORT ON NEW ORLEANS IS THE RIGHT THING: We’re not big Spike Lee fans, but this is a sweet pregame promo that he cut for tonight’s Saints-Titans Monday Night Football game. It’s hard for even the most jaundiced among us not to get goosebumps watching the short:

Spike Lee Monday Night Football

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports Lee appears in the film with Drew Brees and Reggie Bush “atop a levee in the city in a special opening to ESPN’s Titans-Saints ‘MNF’ game tonight at the Superdome. Lee wears a T-shirt with the fleur-de-lis design on the front and markings on the back referencing messages and symbols spray-painted on homes during the post-Katrina search for survivors.