Spidey Senses Detect Dumb Post-TD Celebration

Tempers flared during the Toronto Argonauts’ 34-31 victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Monday. The trigger? According to the NATIONAL POST, it was when Argonauts receiver Arland Bruce III did the unthinkable: he put on a Spider-Man mask after scoring a touchdown.

Spider Man football

That might sound trivial to you, but understand: he did this in Hamilton. Hamilton! Every knows that Hamilton is DC Comics country while Toronto backs Marvel Comics. Just when the Canadians thought they had finally put this national chasm behind them, Bruce had to go and re-open it like an open sore.

Video of the horrendous act after the jump:

Joe Buck would be appalled.

I’d be more impressed with Bruce if he did something a little more appropriate for the character than whatever pose that was. Perhaps “shoot” webs out of wrists at the defense, or “scale” the wall.

If you’re curious why he chose Spider Man and not a character from a more recent movie such as “Iron Man” or “The Dark Knight,” remind yourself again that this is Canada: they just got the first Spider Man movie in their “theatres.”

Also, it would be nice if Bruce hadn’t copied something that an Ecuadorean player did in the last World Cup. (Albeit with an actual Spider Man mask and not some crummy, 99 Cent Store knock-off version.)

Surely, it was the anger about this blatant rip-off that caused Hamilton fans to get so upset that they resorted to tossing beer-filled balloons at Toronto players. The McKenzie Brothers would be very upset that those fans would waste such perfectly good beer, eh?