Spend 16 Hours with your Favorite Ladies…

Take this opportunity to spend 16 hours with some Ladies, and you won’t even get in trouble with your wife! We will be liveblogging the entire draft right here on SbB, from Jake Long to Mr. Irrelevant.

Ladies ... Host SbB NFL Draft

Mel Kiper’s hair, round table discussions of the draftees’ girlfriends, and of course, the best football discussion this side of Matt Millen’s living room. (Isn’t that where the Lions keep their war room?)

Cinnamon Girl, La M. Alana, Empress Act, the Dame of Extra Time and I, ChiTown Chick, will be guiding you through one of the most fun non-sporting sporting events on the sports calendar. Not only that, you will get to join with us, as we will use the fun Cover It Live software that allows you to get involved in our liveblog. Start getting your provisions ready now, and we will kick off at about 3 pm Eastern time.

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