Speedboat Flies Into Scottish Golf Course Bunker

That’s a horrible lie. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH via WAGGLE ROOM reports on either a very careless boater or a very eager golfer causing a moment of panic at Scotland’s Loch Lomond golf course.

Speedboat crashes into golf course

“The Final Fling” was veered off course by waves from another boat, prompting the captain to jump ship. The boat then crashed into the rocky beach of the golf course, majestically up and into the sand trap.

The coast guard, who rescued the capsized boater and the hazard-bound craft, didn’t really know what to make of it:

“We do deal with a number of beached vessels, but I don’t think that we have ever had one which landed in a golf course bunker.”

Normally the seafaring Scots are experienced enough to land in the fairway.

You probably thought the events leading up to this incident were going to be lost forever, but fortunately we’ve obtained exclusive footage of how this speedboat found its grainy, gritty demise: