Speed Read: Wait - WSU Cougar RB Almost Died?

It’s not often that injury news takes us completely aback, but that’s absolutely the case over in Pullman tonight. One slightly mentioned aspect of last weekend’s game pitting Washington State against Southern Methodist was WSU’s tailback, James Montgomery, suffering an apparent knee injury. Not that those aren’t serious, but, y’know… they happen.

James Montgomery WSU

But one thing that doesn’t usually happen is a potentially fatal injury that nobody recognizes immediately. That’s what apparently befell Montgomery during the game; after the game, he reported increasing discomfort with the knee, and went in for surgery on Sunday morning. It probably saved his life.


Close friend Dwight Tardy, a senior running back, said team doctor Ed Tingstad told him Montgomery “probably could have died” if a Sunday morning operation had been delayed too long. A wait of one to two hours might have led to amputation, Tardy said Tingstad told him.

“He (Tingstad) was pretty rattled and shook up,” Tardy said. “He started crying.”

Trainer Bill Drake confirmed the gravity of Montgomery’s injury, adding, “There’s a lot of good news right now. His leg is saved.”

Tingstad, an orthopedic surgeon and WSU running back in the 1980s, performed the surgery at Pullman Regional Hospital.

Drake said it will be six to 12 months before it will be known if Montgomery can play football again.

If you’re wondering how, exactly, somebody could die from something bad happening to a leg, that’s a logical concern. After all, for all the horrific trauma that’s befallen knees on the football field over the years, no announcer’s ever taken the next step and said “THIS GUY’S LIFE IS IN DANGER!”; hell, it’d take a severed leg (and, presumably, a chainsaw) to even approach those types of concerns.

But Montgomery suffered what’s called “acute compartment syndrome,” or “pressure in a small area and impaired blood supply.” It sounds eminently fluky - especially since you almost never hear about it - but when blood starts getting trapped places in the human body without an obvious physical cue, only bad things can possibly happen.

Montgomery should recover, though he’s expected to be hospitalized for several days and his career’s in doubt; this should serve as a good enough example that reaction time to injuries is critical; after all, Jason Taylor suffered the same injury, but his staff’s quick reaction limited his absence to two weeks. Montgomery should be so lucky.

Speaking of blood getting trapped in extremities, that’s how erections are made. And that’s just about all the segue we need to bring up Sean Salisbury, the man of a thousand boner-related ridicules. Salisbury was just dismissed, and we’re just sure he’s thrilled.

Daulerio Salisbury
(Not really besties these days…)

So–and this appears to be out of nowhere–he laid the hammer down on DEADSPIN, accusing them of… well, we’re not sure what the accusations are. Here, A.J. Daulerio (above, also playing the part of “Me:”) plays the role of Brer Rabbit:

From Sean Salisbury:

This is salisbury and I just want u to know ur guys lies and
carelessness about CBS and espn stories has not only ruined my
reputation but has cost me jobs so prepare urself for a lawsuit so big
I will own deadspin u will be asked to give up ur sources so since u
guys have cost me more than alot of money my only goal in my career is
to ruin u like u have me. Sadly I tried to be honest with you and you
have continually written lies. So you and a few major media networks
arebeing sued. And put this on ur careless website. I kept a journal
for 13 years at espn and a tell all book will be released in months to
come. Book title: espn exposed. The truth inside the r rated
company. So ur lies about a cell phone incident that is a lie and
the reason I left CBS radio that u guys lied about. The time has come
and I won’t stop until the truth is told and deadspin is exposed.

Sent from my iPhone

From Me:

Uh, woah? Dude, I tried to contact you last week about the incident
and heard nothing from you. That was the rumor. If you want to go on
the record with something I’m more than happy to do that. If you want
me to run this email, then fine. Because I let you speak and have your
say and we ran all that. Remember? The two-part interview?

It devolves from there, and it ends in Salisbury effectively threatening litigation.

Speaking of steel-balled chutzpah, kudos to some inventive Bulgarian gamblers who pulled a prank Sofia won’t soon forget:

Darko Tasevski
(”Screw you, screw you, screw you, you’re cool, screw you, screw… wait, what do you mean, ‘not really transferred’?”


Levski Sofia may have become victims of one of the most audacious sporting cons in recent memory, according to reports coming out of Bulgaria.

Whilst a 2-0 derby defeat to Levski on Sunday was not completely unexpected, the circumstances surrounding the game suggest that the match was in fact fixed in an unorthodox manner.

Levski were missing four key players for the encounter: national team midfielder Zhivko Milanov, Macedonia international Darko Tasevski, Morocco international Youssef Rabeh and Brazilian forward Ze Soares, who, on the day were due to have medicals at Russian champions Rubin Kazan, after Levski accepted a €5million bid for the quartet.

Slight problem: Rubin Kazan had zero interest in these players from the start, creating a ludicrous advantage for the other team that gamblers took advantage of for great profit.

As you might imagine, international agents aren’t thrilled; even INTERPOL is in on the case now. Sad, really. Remember when pranking opposing players was all about getting them in compromising positions with sheep? Those were the days.

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