Speed Read: Cowboys Win, Call Ed Werder A Liar

In case you missed it, the Cowboys took a huge step toward a playoff return by beating the defending-champion Giants, 20-8, last night. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone wants to talk about the game. In fact, all anyone seems to be interested in is the growing Terrell Owens-Jason Witten battle for Tony Romo’s affections.

cowboys on tv

In fact, after Dallas’ win on Sunday Night Football, all the Cowboys wanted to do was talk about how ESPN reporter Ed Werder had either A) lied completely about the existence of any kind of a lockerroom feud or B) was completely disingenious about said event’s significance and severity.

Never mind that the Cowboys now lead the NFL in sacks and that Damarcus Ware is making a serious run at Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record; he has 19 already, after all. No, this game was all about T.O.! And that’s just as he likes it, of course. No matter what happens next, can someone please tell Owens and Romo to stop wearing those horrendous Gatsby hats? They’re making us embarrassed for being members of their sex.

That’s more than enough analysis of America’s Team and it’s constant spotlight. Here’s the full video of the team’s jihad on all things Werder, if you’re so inclined.

Of course, the Cowboys weren’t the only team stirring up plenty of controversy on Sunday; the team they just beat a week before stoked about as much controversy as you can while still winning by capping off it’s second fourth quarter comeback in as many weeks with a touchdown that, on further review, really doesn’t look like a touchdown. Here’s how everything went down: Pittsburgh trailed by three in the final two minutes, and got off another impressive, length-of-the field drive that appeared destined for a heart-attack inducing Ben Roethlisberger escape. Well, that’s what the Steelers got when wide receiver Santonio Holmes had a catch ruled a touchdown with 44 seconds remaining.

The only problem is that the catch was originally ruled down outside the end zone, and there’s almost no way you can see enough video proof in the replay below to overturn that call, can you? We sure can’t. YAHOO! also has a pretty condemning screen shot right here. Judge for yourself, all the while considering that this is the second time this year where an official’s call on a play at the end of a Steelers game has been cast in spurious light by gamblers across the globe. We’re not incriminating anyone here, we’re just pointing out the facts.

Oh, and the Packers are officially not going back to the playoffs. How’s that Brett Favre trade looking, Mike McCarthy? You think you’d be eliminated from playoff contention with two weeks to go if No. 4 is still in a green and gold uni? You sure about that? We’re not.

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