Steelers Not Concerned By Patriots Taping Games

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports that this whole “Spygate” business has gotten a bit personal for Arlen Specter, as the Pennsylvania senator says that the Patriots secretly videotaped coaches’ signals during four Steelers games.

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Specter commented on the new revelations by saying, “I think Steelers fans have a lot to be concerned about this and I’m one of them,” adding, “Maybe Steelers ownership should think about it a little.”

Apparently they have, and they haven’t.

TSN hears from the Steeler camp that the taping had no affect on the outcome of the four games. Steelers chairman Dan Rooney released this statement on Friday:

We consider the tapes of our coaching staff during our games against the New England Patriots to be a non-issue. In our opinion, they had no impact on the results of those games.”

But Specter isn’t satisfied. And he wasn’t pleased with the explanations given during his Wednesday meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell:

I questioned him very closely why they destroyed the tapes and notes. He gave an answer that made no sense, saying they destroyed them so no one could gain a competitive advantage. But if they put them under lock and key, they couldn’t have access to them.”

Arlen Specter

Although the league says the matter is over, Specter says he will continue to “pursue” the spying allegations, even threatening to hold congressional meetings.

After all, the integrity of a national pastime is at stake. And it’s an election year.