Special Teamer Can Wait For GF’s Special Delivery

THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS, via FANHOUSE, has the latest on accusations that Houston Texans wide receiver and returner Jerome Mathis allegedly gave his pregnant girlfriend a special type of hug … around her neck.

Jerome Mathis

The Brazoria County Sheriff’s department claims the whole incident started with an argument over a cell phone charger between Mathis and girlfriend Erica Smith.

“She reported that he came home verbally aggressive toward her and left the residence, then came back a few minutes later demanding his car charger,” [patrol captain Richard] Foreman said. “He became angry while he looked for the charger, and when she gave it to him, he pushed her down on the bed and began choking her while putting all of his body weight on her.”

Interesting thing about Texas state law: the state can file assault charges even if the victim decides not to press them, and Smith did decline. The Brazoria County sheriff claims he arrested Mathis due to Smith’s pregnancy.

Mathis was on IR last season with leg injuries, but has gotten into fistfights with teammates before and was hurt riding his motorcycle two years back — this, all combined with the current arrest, probably means the odds of his looking for work with another team is pretty good (we hope!).