MSU, OSU Fans Snapping Up Appy State Apparel

APPY STATE SNOWED UNDER BY MICH. ST. MERCH ORDERS: One of the more underrated college football piss-n-vinegar train wrecks every year is Michigan vs. Michigan State.

Appalachian State Yosef Michigan Who

Well-monied UM students call MSU “Moo-U” and there’s probably as many fights before, during, and after the game than any annual rivalry. So it should come as no surprise that USA TODAY is reporting a major surge in UPS shipments from Boone, NC, to East Lansing, MI, the past few weeks.

Michigan Appalachian State Scoreboard

That would be Michigan State fans snapping up Appy State gear to wear at the MSU-UM tilt this Saturday (don’t worry, Ohio State fans are on it too).

Excerpt: “Normally, the school’s online store handles about 50 retail orders a week. In September the site received more than 7,000 orders, said Samantha Stevens, the school’s director of marketing, promotions and licensing.

Michigan Who Appalachian State Shirt

The school had to open a warehouse to handle all the requests, which is surging again with the Spartans and Buckeyes next up on the Wolverines schedule.