Spanish B-Baller: No Hablo Inglés … Just Kidding

I think it’s safe to say the entire Olympic experience has been something of a letdown for the Spanish basketball team. First there was the whole “hey, look at us, we’re racists!” photo shoot, followed up by getting thoroughly waxed on the court courtesy of the Americans, 119-82.

Juan Carlos Navarro, Pau Gasol

After the U.S. throttling, BOSTON GLOBE reporter Marc Spears, on the scene in Beijing, sought to interview some of the Spanish players. Funny thing: they wanted nothing to do with the American media in light of recent events (up to and including getting their arse handed to them).

Guard Juan Carlos Navarro, formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies, did make himself available to the Spanish media, however, and after he was done answering their preguntas, Spears cornered him for a question. Awkward hilarity ensued:

[Navarro] responded by saying, “My English not very good.”

I told him, “Well, it was really good when you were playing for the Grizzlies. I interviewed you once by your locker.”

Navarro was stunned when I called him out and I could see that he understood every word. If they beat the Americans, I’m sure his English would have been better than mine.

Spears than asked Navarro, “How’s your Chinese?” before proceeding to rip him a new one in Mandarin.*

* Not true, but it sure would’ve been funny if it were.