Spain’s Oly B-Ball Team Poses for Offensive Photo

There’s nothing more immature or less worldly than making fun of Asians by putting your hands at the corners of your eyes. But that’s what the Spanish Olympic basketball team did, posing for a slit-eyed photo in Spain’s best-selling newspaper just before the Games began.

As THE GUARDIAN says, no one in the ad (above) seems have to recognized how offensive it would seem.

After all, Spain — and plenty of the other footballing nations of Europe — have had issues with blatant racism at soccer and basketball matches; for a country trying to shed that racist image, posing with hands on eyelids in the country’s largest newspaper is painfully stupid.

In related news, fifth graders across the world were asked if they felt offended by the blatant stealing of their comedy routine. The fifth graders replied: “Nah, they can have it. That act’s a little too immature for my taste.”