Spain Blames Sideline Reporter WAG For WC Loss

Outraged over an embarrassing loss to Switzerland, local media and fans of perennial World Cup underachiever Spain are reportedly blaming Sara Carbonero, the stunning sideline reporter girlfriend of the Spanish goalie Iker Casillas, for the defeat.

Spain Blames Goalie Wag For Loss

This despite Telecinco’s Carbonero scolding Casillas during a nationally televised interview after the loss. During the visit, she demanded to know from her boyfriend, “how did you muck it up?

Casillas responded with a shrug, saying, “I don’t know what to say.”

The Brit tabloids are all over the story, but let’s go to the source. From a translation of a blog from Spain’s largest print outlet, EL MUNDO:

What I tell you, poor goalkeeping … Well, it depends which I do not think anyone in this country who tune Telecinco and think Casillas is a poor man. I would say is the smartest of the selection, since, according to the Guaci report, Children (Players) of (Spain Coach) Vicente del Bosque will only see their legitimate days off, while Iker got his girl, sports journalist Sara Carbonero, foot field.

On its face, the criticism is absolutely ridiculous.

But when you put this in the context of say, American football, it isn’t.

For the World Cup, Spain Coach Del Bosque ruled that players would only be allowed to see their wives on days off in South Africa. No girlfriends or carousing with random groupies. So I suppose seeing Carbonero on the field during the game and then interviewing the goalie-as-goat, who also happens to be her lover, after a huge upset loss was understandably disconcerting for Spanish fans.

Put another way, can you imagine if the Patriots were upset in the Super Bowl - after Bill Belichick had banned player relations during Super Bowl week - and Gisele Bundchen was on the field and interviewed Tom Brady after he threw a pick that led to the loss?

How do you think Boston fans would react to that?

For that reason, the Spanish reaction isn’t nearly as absurd as it seems.