Sox Try Blackout Since It Worked So Well For UGA

How big is tonight’s game between the White Sox and Twins in Chicago? So big that all of the fans are being encouraged to show up wearing the same color. Because, as we all know, that always works:

Georgia blackout

Ladies of Chicago, break out that pea coat you haven’t worn since 2003 ’cause it’s a blackout night on the South Side. 40,000 black towels will be handed out to fans as they enter the gates. It’s gonna be super awesome and intimidating to those weenies from Minnesota, where they’re all about that totally lame white hanky bullcrap. Let’s hear from the guy you want firing you up — White Sox vice president and chief marketing officer Brooks Boyer!


“Hopefully, it will be pretty darn intimidating, and the Twins can see how it’s done Chicago style.” 

Come on Boyer, we all know it’s not really “Chicago style” unless Bill Ligue, Jr. is in the stands.

Paul Konerko then follows with this subtle dig at the Metrodomers:

“It’s a better idea than white because that would make it tough to see the ball.”

Ozzie Guillen is being his usual, cheery self, writes Jim Souhan of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE:

Asked about his players’ feelings, Guillen said, “I don’t care. … They don’t care about mine. I never heard any player come up to me and say, ‘How are you feeling today?’ …

“The only way we’re going to feel good about this, the only way we might not hate each other in the offseason, is we win. That’s it. It’s going to take a little while to get over this one if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do.”

The White Sox are 7-2 against the Twins this season at the Cell, and send John Danks to the mound against Nick Blackburn. Because when you think do-or-die one-game playoffs, you think Danks and Blackburn.

As for the blackout, the Sox might’ve thought to consult Mark Richt on that whole thing ahead of time, considering Georgia has pretty much ruined the possibility of ever wearing black uniforms again. Richt actually took UGA’s beating in stride, and is just focusing on one game at a time from here on out. Or he’s looking straight past the rest of his SEC schedule to a rematch with Alabama in the conference title game, so says the SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS’ Adam Van Brimmer:

“We still have all our hopes and dreams in front of us,” Richt said. “If we win the rest of our SEC games, we’ll be in the SEC Championship game. And there’s a good chance Alabama could be there too.”

Wow, who knew Nick Saban would end up looking like the reasonable one out of that duo?