Southern Miss Spring Game Gets Quite Raunchy

No doubt millions of people throughout the United States had spent their winter counting down the days to the Southern Mississippi spring game, and on Saturday the day they’d been waiting for finally arrived. Of course, the problem for all of those Golden Eagles fans in New York, California, and everywhere outside Mississippi was that they couldn’t watch the game on television.

Southern Miss girls

Which is why it was so nice of Rock 104 — the radio station that’s carried Golden Eagles games for the last ten years — to webcast the scrimmage live directly to your computer.  For the 50 people that tuned in to the webcast, the action on the field was pretty nice to see, but the action they heard the commentators describing was probably a lot more interesting.


Blakeney Communications has issued an apology over a sexually explicit and racist conversation between several of its employees that was broadcast Saturday during the University of Southern Mississippi’s spring football game.

The conversation, lasting more than 30 minutes, occurred during a WXRR-104.5 FM webcast of the game, available at the All Access CBS Sports Web site. It was not heard on the radio station itself, according to the apology.

The conversation included graphic discussions of various sexual acts and other sexual banter, as well as a racially offensive description of another college.

In other words, people tuned in for the Golden Eagles, and ended up hearing about golden showers and spread eagles. Unfortunately the article doesn’t specify what was specifically said, so I guess we’re just going to have to use our imaginations. Which sucks because that requires thinking, and who the hell wants to do that?

The malfunction was apparently caused by a crossed wire. The folks people heard weren’t actually the announcers for the game, but instead were just college students and part-time employees of Rock 104 opining on women and ethnic groups. All of them have been pulled off of Southern Miss broadcast and production work, which may not be the smartest move.

I’m guessing that because of this incident, next year’s game will pull in 75, maybe even 100 listeners.

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