Blog-O-Rama: South Park Picks On Bill Belichick

• YOU BEEN BLINDED tunes in to see the gang at “South Park” taking a run at Bill Belichick.

South Park Bill Belichick

• THREE STRIKES AND OUT wants to invoke the Patriot Act, as an American basketball player will suit up for the Russian women’s Olympic team.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY has found the perfect halftime entertainment for next year’s gridiron games in Tuscaloosa.

• 100% INJURY RATE is disappointed how the San Francisco Olympic Torch relay turned out.

• BUGS & CRANKS bullseyes in on the Mets using the Phillies’ Chase Utley as target practice.

• Boo-yah! THE VILLANOVAN ranks their favorite SportsCenter anchors.

• Speaking of the Worldwide Leader, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT gives the cold shoulder to ESPN’s Bud Light Freeze Frame.

• And the Royals keep on rolling, as they blank the Yanks Wednesday night.