South Florida QB Matt Grothe Given a Bad Rap

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY raps with us, as they kick out a jam honoring USF QB Matt Grothe - peformed by the team’s kicker:

Matt Groethe coach USF

• DEADSPIN guru Will Leitch takes time in the NEW YORK TIMES to comment on the crush of Cubs fans in the Valley of the Sun.

• BOSTON DAILY thinks the post-season coverage on TBS leaves a little to be desired, but at least they don’t have to deal with ESPN’s “Three Stooges“.

• Since everyone else seems to be suing Michael Vick, 100% INJURY RATE gives us the bonus that the Falcons wanting their money back, too:

Michael Vick Marijuana

• SWAMP THINGS hopes Urban Meyer’s weekend trip to Baton Rouge doesn’t turn into a crying shame.

• Elementary, my dear Oden: BLAZERS EDGE finds ESPN frisking some 4th graders about their sports knowledge.