Sources Reveal Andrew Giuliani Is An Entitled Bully

NEW YORK POST provides us with shocking revelations that Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani who was kicked off the Duke men’s golf team, is a jerk. I did not see that one coming.

Andrew Giuliani

The report doesn’t exactly use the word “jerk” but it does have a source who says Giuliani is “an ‘entitled’ bully who ignored a code of conduct instituted by Duke’s golf coach and is now downplaying his bad behavior in a lawsuit.” The source also says, “there was a lot of bullying” and “he just kind of got a little pushy.” In not so many words, yeah the former mayor’s kid is kind of a jerk.

The source says the 22 year-old Andrew, who just a few days ago filed a suit against Duke claiming he was unfairly dismissed from the team back in February, clashed with Coach O.D. Vincent, who took over the team after Rod Myers’ death in March 2007.

On Friday, the NEW YORK POST reported that Andrew’s mom, Donna Hanover, said Vincent, the former coach of UCLA men’s golf team, has bad judgement. Hanover provided a photo of the 2004 UCLA men’s golf team posing nude in Golf Digest as her evidence.

This isn’t the first time Donna got a little too involved in Andrew’s golf career. Apparently it was Andrew and mom who helped O.D. get the J.O.B. Today’s report says, “Ironically, Andrew and his mom, Donna Hanover, allegedly helped keep the job from going to an interim coach Andrew didn’t like.”

Teammate Eric Schultz tells the POST, “When I heard he was kicked off, I knew it wasn’t the end of it. Andrew’s the kind of guy to take action.”

And by “the kind of guy to take action,” Schultz really means “jerk.”