Source: “Weakened State” Caused Paterno’s Fall

Less than a week after a Penn State athletic department source indicated to SbB that Joe Paterno’s health was in rapid decline and that the cancer Paterno has contracted “is much worse than the family has let on,” the ex-Penn State football coach reportedly fractured his pelvis in a fall at his home in State College, Pennsylvania, Saturday.

The news of Paterno’s broken pelvis came less than a day after son Jay Paterno Tweeted from his personal Twitter account: “Good practice yesterday, good practice this morning. Great walk with my Dad this afternoon. A fine day indeed.

On Dec. 7, 2011, a Penn State Athletic Department source, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak for the Paterno family, told SbB:

Joe is a lot closer to dying soon than the public is aware. … It is very bad. it (cancer) is much worse than the family has let on.This may be his last Christmas.”

Hours after the SbB report, ABC-TV affiliate WTAE in Pittsburgh reported:

A person close to Paterno’s family told The Associated Press that the former coach is undergoing treatments and “progressing.”

However the blog, is reporting that the 84-year-old Paterno has taken a turn for the worse and is seeing a rapid health decline.

In the aftermath of Paterno’s fractured pelvis, which reportedly resulted from a fall in his home on Saturday, a source within the Penn State Athletic Department who is not authorized to speak for the Paterno family told SbB on Sunday that the former coach’s fall was a result of, “his weakened state from cancer and the treatments he’s been receiving.”

Paterno’s family revealed the ex-Penn State coach had a treatable form of lung cancer on November 18.

On Nov. 27, Paterno’s son Jay said of the cancer treatments his father was undergoing: “He’s going through treatments and stuff like that and he’s been handling it very well.

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