Source: Iverson Involved In Altercation In ATL

When we last saw Allen Iverson, he was spotted a month ago playing cards (photo below) at Atlanta’s new Wet Willies slushy drink bar location. Since then, multiple sources have told me that Iverson has become a regular at the bar, owned in part by NFL player Carlos Emmons.

Allen Iverson at Wet Willies in Atlanta

(Not the first time A.I. has gotten his Willie Wet in the ATL)

Not sure though if Mr. Emmons will be welcoming A.I. back to his establishment after last night.

Allen Iverson at Wet Willies in Atlanta

A source told me Saturday that Iverson was involved in an altercation at the same Wet Willies bar late last night. A patron at the club, who was accompanied by two friends, attempted to somehow walk off with a watch that Iverson had brought to the club.

When Iverson realized what happened, he confronted the would-be thief, before unleashing his six-member entourage on the alleged robber and his two apparent accomplices. Iverson was not involved in the fisticuffs, walking out of the building as the melee ensued.

As NBA teams ponder the possibility of signing Iverson next season, this sort of incident certainly won’t work in his favor.

To wit, it probably wasn’t a coincidence that 24 hours after I reported that Iverson was spotted partying in Charlotte days after he claimed a leave of absence to tend to his sick daughter, he was released by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Sad way for a guy who could probably still play to go out.