Source Claims McNair’s Wife ‘Blindsided’ By Affair

Is it possible that Mechelle McNair had no idea about her husband’s affair with 20-year-old beauty Sahel Kazemi, learning about it only when the grisly crime scene was discovered at a Nashville condo? The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS this morning is quoting a source saying that Steve McNair’s wife was “blindsided” by the relationship, a surprising contention considering how openly Kazemi was discussing her belief that the couple was getting a divorce.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

(Sahel Kazemi)

Just another wrinkle in the story that has more twists and turns than a Hitchcock film. All the elements of a classic crime thriller are in place: The crime scene that leaves more questions than answers; one victim who is a famous ex-athlete, the other who came to this country after her parents were killed in Iran; a jealous ex-boyfriend; a mystery man lurking in the shadows. And the wife who claims she was totally in the dark. But was she?

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Although Kazemi apparently told relatives that McNair was in the process of divorcing his wife, the DAILY NEWS source said that Mechelle had no idea that her husband had a girlfriend.

“She’s blindsided by this,” one source said of Mechelle McNair, who was holed up in her family’s home just 6 miles from the condo her husband used to bed his mistress. “She’s crushed. Her whole world is shattered.”

Kazemi, apparently, believed that a divorce was imminent. One reason is that McNair would take trips with his children without his wife, Kazemi said. Kazemi had told relatives that she and McNair would “take a break” when McNair would go away on his own with his children. Kazemi’s cousin Farzin Abdi said that McNair and the children recently returned from Mexico:

“I was under the impression that his family knew about her,” Abdi said. “That he took the children alone with him on vacation is a sign that they were separated.”

Kazemi told her sister, Sepideh Salmani, that McNair was in the process of divorcing.

Kazemi, though younger than Abdi and Salmani, was actually their aunt but they were raised as siblings.

Salmani talked to her sister every day and said she was very happy in her relationship with McNair.

“That’s why she was like, ‘OK, now you’re divorcing. We can date,’ ” Salmani said. “He told her, it was going to be finished, the whole divorce was going to be done, two weeks from yesterday.”

Abdi said that the family was leery of Kazemi’s relationship with McNair. Earlier, when Kazemi had expressed nervousness about living alone, Abdi had suggested that she get a permit to carry a gun. Her reply did not put the family at ease.

“She told me she didn’t have to because Steve had lots of guns,” Abdi said.