Sounder Facing Sexual Assault, Stalking Charges

If the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer want to feel like a real major league club, now they can - since one of their players could soon be facing charges of stalking & sexual assault.

Fredy Montero Seattle Sounders

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports that Fredy Montero is under investigation for sexually assaulting a Washington woman - and showing up in the woman’s neighborhood a week later. No charges have been filed yet, but the King County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the investigation.

The 23-year-old woman claims Montero assaulted her on March 22 in the town of Bellevue. Nine days later, the woman said she saw Montero driving around her home neighborhood in the town of Sammamish. She called 911, afraid that Montero was trying to find her house.

As the vehicle passed her, Montero, who was in the passenger seat, leaned back and tried to hide from her. She said she then looked at the driver, who stared back and smiled in her direction. The vehicle then headed north toward Northeast Inglewood Hill Road.

However, the King County Sheriff’s Office believes Montero’s presence may have been a coincidence, as he was attending a soccer game at a nearby high school with his host family. Or that might have been all a ruse for Fredy to really find the woman’s house. That’s for the prosecutor’s office to decide.

First a bunch of doves to be used for the Sounders’ opening ceremonies are killed by hawks, and now this. The start of the team’s existence could have gone a little better.

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