300 Obscene Messages Sent To NFL Net Hottie

The PALM BEACH POST reports this week that a Florida man is in jail on $25k bail after being charged with stalking NFL sideline reporter Lindsay Soto.

Lindsay Soto Stalker John Stewart Taylor

According to court records, John Stewart Taylor, 37, of Wellington was charged with 41 counts of making harassing and obscene phone calls, and aggravated stalking. He’s being held on $25,000 bail.

Taylor, who was already in jail for a probation violation, was slapped with the charge after NFL Network officials contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office about a “large amount” of obscene messages left on Soto’s voicemail.

And when they say large amount, they mean Rush Limbaugh-size large.

How large? Try 300 voice messages, according to court papers.

Taylor also was caught sending obscene emails to a Florida TV news anchor named Ashley Glass, who also happens to be a pretty blonde, like Soto.

So how was this genius caught?

Lindsay Soto

Since the dude was sending e-mail signed “John Taylor” from his personal Comcast account and calling from his own cell phone, it didn’t take long for the sheriff’s sleuths to nab him – especially since Taylor was arrested at his home Feb. 19 on the probation violation.

He was slightly hurt when he alleged resisted that arrest and was still in jail when he was charged with stalking.


Lindsay Soto

This news is rather ironic, considering Soto’s furious attempt the last few years to maintain an extremely low off-air profile. When she first popped on the local FSN affiliate here in L.A., everyone of course went nuts over what the Palm Beach Post calls her “natural beauty.

Lindsay Soto boobs before and after

Sadly, because of a rumored breast reduction, it appears a good portion of that beauty has been subsequently excised.