Sosa All Set To Endorse Skin Bleaching Cream

The sports world was taken aback - or at least had a good chuckle - when recent photos of a very whitened Sammy Sosa appeared. Was he sick? Was he suffering some kind of terrible disease? Was this the final result of too much steroid use? Was he undergoing a blackendectomy a la Michael Jackson?

Sammy Sosa Fox News

Sosa finally came out and said it was the results of using a skin bleaching cream. And now that he has everyone’s attention, he’s ready to offer the same miracle medical results to you.

FOX NEWS reports that the ex-Cubs slugger wants to start marketing the cream to prospective purchasers in the United States & Latin America.

And NBC CHICAGO has further details:

“If he feels it is of good quality, it may be something he will be endorsing and marketing in the United States in the near future,” said Rebecca Polihronis, the former Cubs community relations employee, who spoke on behalf of Sosa to the Tribune.

But Sosa’s not ready to release the name of the product, yet.

The Casper-like slugger picked the cream up in Europe in a bid to soften his sun-damaged skin.

Polihronis said that, so far, Sosa’s happy with the product, but she’s not certain how he found it.

“If he decides to bring (the product) over, he will let everybody know exactly what it is and how people can get it.”

Oh, I can’t wait to found out what this sensational skin cream is and how much I’m willing to pay for it!

Wait, hold on a second - could it be this whole photo controversy was all just one big guerrilla marketing campaign for a cream? Next thing you’ll tell me, Captain Morgan is telling NFL players how to celebrate touchdowns.