Sorry Morganna, Rafer Is The New Kissing Bandit

Amid the drama and excitement of Orlando forcing a Game 7 with Boston was a peculiar sight: Rafer Alston, apparently trying to atone for his Eddie House headslap by, um, kissing a referee’s bald head, as seen below.

Rafer Alston Ref Kiss
(Okay, then.)

But as sharp-minded sports fans like HG at YOU BEEN BLINDED recall, this isn’t a crazy, one-off situation; Rafer kisses dudes on the court all the time. Which is fine, we suppose - it’s the 21st century, this is totally fine among European straight men, and as long as crotches don’t get involved there’s nothing really objectionable. Still, let’s take a look back at Rafer’s exploits through the years.

Carl Landry clearly comes from a more traditional upbringing, as opposed to Rafer’s casual approach to mankissing. Either that or Landry’s more aware of his surroundings (I mean, have you ever been to Houston?).

Staying in Houston, Chuck Hayes couldn’t escape Rafer’s affection either:

Again, strictly appreciative, no tongue, no crotch. Hard to fault Mr. Skip To My Lou for anything here. Still, he’s missing that je ne sais quoi that Morganna brought to the table when she was interrupting games 25 years ago. Can we get one of those pictures up?


Yep, just something about this that just feels… better.