Sorry, Ladies/Fellas; Eli Manning Off The Market

Eli Manning will be a spring bride, according to THE NEW YORK POST, which yesterday confirmed that Manning The Younger will wed longtime girlfriend Abby McGrew “sometime in the next few weeks.” Eli proposed to her a year ago, but she wanted to wait out the obviously inevitable Super Bowl victory before tying the knot.

eli manning and abby mcgraw

“There had been much speculation that the ceremony would occur at the Brentwood United Methodist Church outside McGrew’s native Nashville after the two were spotted attending services inside. But when a license is issued in New York, the ceremony has to take place within the state for the marriage to be legally valid, according to the Office of the City Clerk.”

The two met as students at Ole Miss, where Eli worked his Easy Eli charms of diffidently approached her and bumping Abby with elbow and running off giggling.

“The family friend said the ceremony would be “low-key” — in characteristic Manning fashion.

The quarterback is a star on the field but is shy off it.”

Sure, but get him on a karaoke stage and all that quickly changes. Their wedding song should be his rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

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