No No Ladies, That’s Not Dwight Howard’s Donger

So, it’s a slow news day in the NBA. Not a whole lot going on. Pau Gasol had that finger surgery a couple days ago, and, um, yeah. Hey, there’s something about Dwight Howard and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT HOG.

Dwight Howard
(You should be happy that this is censored.)

MEDIATAKEOUT.COM announced to the world that they had acquired pictures of Dwight Howard showing off his, um, “D12.” And the candid nature of it all seemed to support their claim. Fortunately for all of our sensibilities, though, their story’s being challenged. False alarm on famous schlong, people. Please disperse.

Yes, according to TMZ, Howard’s legal representation is stepping in and calling baloneycakes on the whole thing:

In a statement released moments ago, Dwight’s people said, “We have been working with our attorneys with all morning to get the photos taken down because they are falsified and doctored.”

In MediaTakeout’s defense, the posts are worded to not definitively claim that it’s Howard, just that the person in them looks a lot like him. Funny how that works.

We’re not going to link to the full NSFW picture in question; according to the lawyers, it’s not Howard in them. In other words, it’s just a random crank. As with all other cases of wanting to see random pornography, we will just direct you to, oh, anywhere else on the Internet.

The commenters on the NSFW picture itself weren’t completely satisfied with Howard’s, um, endowment. Perhaps he could get some performance-enhancers from Rashard Lewis?